Payment options

At we have a wide variety of payment methods, to give our customers maximum flexibility and security.

Credit / debit card

This payment option is available to all customers. Once the payment has been confirmed through our payment gateway, the goods shall not be shipped until your bank authorises it, which may delay the shipment. The payment gateway is a secure service offered by BBVA Bank. This payment system is protected by the 3DSECURE, and includes THE VERIFIED by VISA and MASTERCARD SECURECODE protocols, among others.

Authorised cards:



This payment option is also available for customers outside the European Community. The payment is made through Paypal system and no account is required. The customer shall receive an email, which redirects them to the Paypal Payment Gateway.

PayPal payment includes a 3% transaction fee on the total purchase cost, including shipping.

Bank transfer (Only for shops)

This payment option is available only for stores. Once the order has been placed and after verifying that the requested material is available, the data for the bank transfer will be sent by email.

For this reason it is very important to provide a valid email address. When making the bank transfer, it is essential to indicate in the concept "order no. X", as well as the name or company name, and the transfer must be made within 3 days from the day of receipt of the email with the payment details in order to validate it.

To expedite the shipment, it is recommended to send an email confirming that the transfer has been made with the personal data and the order number.

As soon as we have confirmation of the deposit, the order will be sent. Do not forget that the payment must be made in euros and that all possible exchange and banking commissions are paid by the customer when opting for this payment system.